The first geographical and cartographical institute in the private sector of Iranís economy was established as early as in 1935 ( 68 years ago ) by the late Ostad Abolghasem Sahab and his hard working son Engineer Abbas Sahab. This institute introduced maps, globes, atlases and other educational materials and thus played a major part in modernization of Iranís educational system . Later on when its products, and the most important amongst them the various maps of Iran, found their way into other countries it played a similar important part in making Iran known throughout the world .


In line with other developments in modern Iran, Sahab Institute grew up rapidly and became for years the one and only firm in the country supplying not only schools and educational centers, but the whole country with all sorts of geographical materials. In the course of this expansion and out of necessity, Sahab established relations with all major map making firms and through exchange of maps and making the general public map Ė minded, made effective contribution in raising the cultural status of the country .




In addition to specific maps of Iran in various scales and for various purposes, Sahab produced maps of other countries  particularly the neighboring ones  in English , Arabic and even Japanese for exporting. With the cooperation of the well known Japanese firm Tiko- Shouin, Sahab published maps of Iranian communication, agriculture, ethnography, wild life etc. all in Japanese language.


In the course of 68 years of its life, Sahab Institute created more than 3,000 titles including maps , globes, atlases , posters, scientific displays, school text books etc. most of which were exhibited and disposed in most important international   cartographic shows such as those held in Pert, Australia, Mexico City, Budapest, London etc.    


 In line with the progress exhibited by the important companies of the   world in the field of cartography, Sahab Institute has successfully adopted the GIS ,Intergraph, Satellite images and other computer systems in its various works . The main objective of the Institute is to improve the quality of its end results to the highest possible level .





Below is given some stages in the performance of various services :


1.           Digitizing of maps as the first stage in the course of which all information and lines are fed into computers.

2.           Correction of all information

3.           Lettering of all maps in Persian, English , Arabic and other languages.

4.           Coloring

5.           Preparation of films from computer by means of Image Setter which is necessary for four color printing

6.           Filing of the map for future reference in a GIS bank in Farsi

7.           Printing the final map in four colors by means of the greatest offset machines (100 * 140 centimeters) in    hghg Sahabís own printing house designed for map printings .


Sahab Institute accepts orders from all over the world. You may refer to us all kinds of  cartographic services such as designing, preparing, producing and printing of maps etc.

We, in Sahab institute, prepare and produce all kinds of urban and regional maps as well as educational and tourist ones up to final printing . We accept printing of your names and particulars on the printed maps in accordance with your wishes.